Reusable Bowl Covers

I have started a new venture in addition to embroidery, I am sewing up a storm making reusable bowl covers. They are machine washable & dryable with made in Canada FOODSAFE lining. I have been using a set that were made in China and LOVE them. I’ve used them as gifts and everyone I’ve given them too asks where to get those so they can get more, gift them and their friends want them too. So, this got me to thinking, I should make these. With the craze for the beeswax wraps taking off, this is the time for my alternative. I’m a big fan of these reusable bowl covers because they are machine washable in hot & soapy water unlike the beeswax wraps. The Foodsafe lining (which is manufactured in Canada) was lab tested with over 300 washes & dries. So if you hang to dry instead of dry in dryer it will last WAY longer. I  am using 100% cotton for the outer cover and also the bias tape edge.

I’m making these in various sizes and even shapes (hello rectangle 9×13 casserole pan).  I am also going to make unlined covers for dough rising and dust cover for those standup mixer bowls that are forever collecting kitchen crumbs/grime.

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