Find time to relax

In our busy, electronic saavy, social media, multi-tasking, fast-paced lives we often forget to sit down and relax. I know I do, or what I do finally sit down I’m so wiped I can only zone out in bed binge-watching Netflix. I have found a couple of things to be helpful:

First, sit down and relax with a cup of tea (or coffee) before you’re exhausted.

Second, Netflix is ok but Netstitching…now thats where its at. What is Netstitching? It’s listening to Netflix while stitching. Let’s face it, there aren’t too many shows that you really have to pay attention to what is happening on screen – I can only really think of Sherlock (BBC) as a must-not-do-anything-else-while-watching type of program.

Do you ever net-binge and feel like you’ve wasted three hours? Well, if you take up stitching you can accomplish something while watching/listening! No more guilt, and something to show for your time. Make gifts for weddings, anniversaries, new homes, baby announcements. You can create something with your favourite quote, or even something a little sassy. The options are endless!