About Twig & Cloth

About T&C

Embroidery has become my passion.  I find embroidery relaxing and rewarding. I’d love to make something specific for you!
My first crafting experience was with my maternal grandmother and a lap loom; I made this hideous trapezoid shaped (supposed to be a rectangle) placemat with cotton thread and cut up t-shirts. I was so proud and have been hooked on crafting ever since. I still have my first project and the memories that come with it.
I am constantly creating things, recycling unwanted things into works of art and then promptly giving them away. Over the years, I have made the weaving project with Grandma described above, my doll’s clothes (started sewing at age 5), sewn wedding dresses, bride’s maids’ dresses, baby clothes, men’s dress shirts, quilts, cross stitch, pottery, painted art, pallet furniture, scrapbooking, and greeting cards and embroidery.
Know that each stitch & weave is made in a home of love and community. I hope you too are getting your craft on and if you’re not crafty, you’re buying handmade gifts and goodies. Handmade is best made.